Seacode™ Age Defying Serum


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Seacode™ is a marine ingredient occurring naturally in non-genetically modified organisms (Non-GMO) and obtained through biotechnology for sustainable cosmetics since there is no harvesting nor extracting from nature. 

Seacode™ contains Extracellular Polymeric Substances (ECPS) from Pseudoalteromonas bacteria and enhances the synthesis of essential dermal proteins: as shown in vitro, it induced the synthesis of collagen I by more than 100% in HDFa cultures. As a result, it combats fine lines and wrinkles while helping to maintain the skin’s firmness. The skin roughness reduced by 16.5% and 25.1% statistically significant results versus initial time after 1 and 4 weeks with Seacode™- respectively, which are visible in the way it improved lipstick lines, as shown the dermatological evaluation.Thanks to its anti-wrinkle effects, Seacode™  is highly recommended for all ages and skin types in formulations which are directed at rejuvenating skin.

Ceramides only enhances this to be hydrating, regenerative and protective!

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Method of Application
Spritz onto moistened skin for easiest application and to help the serum last as long as possible. By spritzing your face first with spring water, hydrosol or a hydrating mist you will find the serum glides on easily without tugging and pulling on the skin. This is especially noticeable with the application of creams.

Seacode™ Age Defying Serum