Sebum Control AntiOxidant Serum



Product Information

Designed specifically for oily skin, our Sebum Control AntiOxidant Serum helps to regulate the production of oil and sebum on the skin, therefore naturally correcting the epdermis's oil balance. Green Tea and Retinol also serve as antioxidants, protecting the skin while healing it at the same time.

Method of Application

Suggested usage for this product would be first in your layering routine, applied to clean skin.  A small dollop [2-3] drops is all you  need 1-2 times daily. This will be very effective as the weather warms up and we are exposed to the dreadful damages of the sun.

List of Ingredients

  • Matcha Green Tea antioxidant, stimulates circulation, healing, decreases swelling
  • Argania Spinosa Extract sebum regulator, anti-irritant, skin smoother, high in phytosterols
  • Jojoba Protein helps to dissolve sebum, moisturizer, skin tightener
  • Herbal Extract Blend ivy extract, watercress extract, burdock root extract, sage extract
  • All-Trans Retinol skin regenerating, nourishing, antiwrinkle, antiaging
  • Hyaluronic Acid holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water
  • Cosmocil CQ paraben free preservative (does not release formaldehyde)

Customer Feedback 

I got a new bottle in my latest order and . . . I remember why i loved this so much. let me start by saying i dont have "oily" skin. but during the heat of summer by mid day i do get mild oiliness which bothers my makeup. using this keeps my makeup perfect. love it. plus i feel like my skin is just so much nicer when im using it.  yay! i wont be without this one again.

This is beyond awesome. . . I am publicly swearing lifelong alligence to this product. Markey, I will cry if you dont sell this! Anyway, enough gushing, here's the serious bit: I have always had mego oily skin. Like, really oily - I dont just get a slight sheen of oil, I get actual beads of oil on my skin (I know, gross). My new GOW routine has helped a lot - I can get away with just blotting my skin a few times a day now, instead of every hour. But I still had 'oily' skin. Now, I have beautiful skin - its not totally matte, it just looks healthy and almost *whispers* glowy. I just apply it in the morning, on my forehead, nose and chin. Then I apply my lite n brite serum and the rest of my routine. It works perfectly. I only need to blot once now, and that is probably more from paranoia / routine. I am going to do a half face tomorrow, with only applying this on one side of my face and then post a pic so you can all see how incredible the result is! 

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