STOP Bugg'in Me! Kids Version



Product Information

This formula is designed with children in mind and is very mild with a delightful scent. Although this works quite well and can be applied as often as you wish, please do use a stronger product if anywhere that the bug bites are dangerous.

Method of Application

Use through out the day as needed. This smells lovely! Your kids won't run away from the smell of this one.

List of Ingredients

Lemongrass Hydrosol antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal
Basil Leaf Hydrosol antioxidant, astringent, aromatic, analgesic, uplifting
Rosemary Leaf Hydrosol antiseptic, bug deterrent, astringent
Catnip Leaf Hydrosol relaxing, effective insect repellent
Peppermint Leaf Hydrosol cooling, revitalizing, refreshing and delightful
Geranium Blossom Hydrosol mosquito repellent, good for cuts and bruises