STOP Bugg'in Me! Roll-Up Tube Version



A natural, chemical and toxin free alternative to the typical store-bought bug repellent spray. A gentle mix of essential oils, carrier oils, and cocoa butter, our STOP Bugg'in Me!  bug repellent keeps bugs at bay by emitting strong scents that they do not like, but are pleasing to the person wearing it!

This bug balm was tested by one of our forum moderators while she was visiting family in Asia, in addition to our other bug-repellent product. She was quite surprised that it worked so well! Yes, she tested both!

Note: This is mild and we can't guarantee there will not be a bite. Please take appropriate caution when using any bug bite solution where the bites can be dangerous.

Method of Application
Use through out the day as needed. Apply as you would any lotion type bar. This smells lovely!

STOP Bugg'in Me! Roll-Up Tube Version