Strawberry Fruit Powder



Strawberries, Strawberry, anything Strawberry is a delight! They are beautiful, tasty, smell amazing, and really help to encourage beautiful, clear, and healthy skin. Fact: Ancient Romans used strawberries for depression, inflammation, infections, and, sometimes, to cleanse blood diseases. It's a pretty versatile and adorable little red fruit.

Fun Fact
If all of the strawberries produced in California in one year were laid berry to berry they would wrap around the earth 15 times. Wow! It is said that fresh strawberry juice and honey can help to reduce inflammation and sunburn.

Properties rich in Vitamin C, excellent antioxidant, clears and brightens skin, aggressively fights free radical damage, astringent properties fight the signs of tired skin,  contains ellagic acid which prevents collagen breakdown in the matrix, very hydrating due to the fruits high water content.

Botanical Name: Fragaria ananassa
Purity: 99%
Physical Form: Red/Pink Powder
Applications: Topical
Usage Rate: Up to 100%
Solubility: Water Dispersible
Origin: USA
Part Used: The Fruit
Flowing Agent: Maltodextrin

    Strawberry Fruit Powder