Wynter Wonder Serum


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Garden of Wisdom's Wynter Wonder Serum addresses all of these things by soothing and healing damage to the dermis. Winter weather affects us negatively with dry, irritated and cracked skin. Anti-inflammatory actives calm swelling and irritation, while also nourishing skin. Rejuvenating and moisturizing, our Wynter Wonder Serum takes care of rough, dehydrated and scaly skin, leaving soft, healthy and glowing skin in its place.

Read about the star ingredient in this serum, Ceramides on our Blog!

Method of Application
Apply 2-3 drops to your skin before oils and creams. Spritzing with spring water or a hydrosol first will help the serum to penetrate the layers of the skin, and offer an easier and more complete application.

    Wynter Wonder Serum