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We are often surprised how folks don't realize HOW amazing Hydrosols are! They are probably one of the most overlooked products we have! We really encourage you - our customers and friends to at least give them a try. You will be surprised!
Why are Hydrosols so incredibly amazing? Read on...
We carry a very large selection of Hydrosols - pretty much everything for your heart's desire! We are adding more to our selection all the time!

What are Hydrosols though, how are they made and how can they be used?

What is a Hydrosol? A hydrosol is a by product of the essential oil distillation process. Hence, a hydrosol is a distilled water solution. (Water = Hydro - Solution = Sol ..HydroSol :)) Sometimes a hydrosol is specifically made for the water solution itself since some herbs do not really make much essential oil, or none at all. As a side note - water that has essential oil added to it - is not a hydrosol.

How is a Hydrosol made?
Generally an herb, root, flower, fruit or leaf is added to pure water in a still. This water is then heated to varying degrees depending on the sensitivity of the material being used. This causes steam to rise into the top of the still coming out on the other side as either pure hydrosol or hydrosol mixed with essential oil. If an essential oil is being made, the oil will be separated from the water portion (HydroSol) will be processed separately.

How can it be used?
Hydrosols are versatile and can be used in such a variety of ways. The most obvious way is that it can be spritzed directly on skin. Hydrosols can be used as a toner, and they can be used as a hydrating mist in between steps. There are so many possibilities!~

Here are some other ways they can be used -
* Mixed with clays to make a mask/cleanser
* Used as the water portion of a formula like a cleanser, moisturizer or toner. 
* Used to set makeup after application
* Used on a cotton pad to remove makeup
* Used as a base to make your own DIY Serum
* Spritzed on as a gentle natural perfume or body spray 
* Add some into your bathwater
* Can be used to spritz on your bed sheets as a linen spray

How does a hydrosol smell?
Hydrosols have somewhat similar properties as essential oils do but are much more gentle. The scent/aroma is more subtle and subdued compared to the essential oil equivalent.

What type of hydrosol do you suggest for my skin type?
Blemish Prone Skin
Sensitive or Rosacea Prone Skin
Dry or Dehydration Prone Skin
Aging With Wisdom Prone Skin
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