Banana Healing Serum


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Originally developed to help soothe eczema, this serum has also been wonderfully restorative to those with Rosacea and sensitive, irritated skin. This serum hydrates, heals inflamed, itchy skin and encourages healthy cell development. It’s safe to use on children, too.

Method of Application
Use this serum as needed to soothe and heal the affected area. Then use as needed for maintenance.
This serum has a very strong smell due to the healing ingredient glutathione! Don't let this dissuade you from the healing properties of this ingredient. 

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Banana Healing Serum

Customer Reviews

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Andrea S
Going Bananas

I use the Banana Healing Serum on one area at the bridge of my nose. It has the combined power of calming down the redness and smelling great.

One of our most popular Rosacea/Sensitive skin products! Thank you :)


I have combination skin and at times it can be dehydrated and oily at same time, it's crazy! I don't know what I would do without the Banana Healing Serum, it really repairs my skin overnight. I really don't smell any banana? This miracle in a bottle is awesome, I LOVE it and will never go without. :)

So glad you are loving this! :)

Works great

This works great for reducing redness from rosacea and seborrheic dermatitis. The scent is a bit strange but after the first use I cannot smell it anymore. I had no irritation at all. I don't get the acne from rosacea so I cannot attest to that but it does seem to reduce the look of the leaky capillaries as well.