Repair and Recovery Serum


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Garden of Wisdom's Repair and Recovery Serum is one of our very first calming serums. We created this product to be soothing and healing to the skin. Great for any skin type, but especially good for irritated, sensitive or rosacea prone skin.

Method of Application
Use this serum as needed to soothe and heal the affected area.
Use as needed for maintenance. 
This serum is complementary to our other healing serums:
Banana Healing Serum
Oh No! What Did I Do To My Skin?
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Repair and Recovery Serum

Customer Reviews

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Always calms my skin

I love this serum. It has helped my skin whenever it got irritated. I tried “Oh No! What did I do to my skin?” serum and I want to say I liked the consistency of that one more, but for those looking for a lighter serum, “Repair and Recovery” would be perfect.

We are so happy this serum is being loved by you! Thank you!

I wanna bathe in this!

I love this seruuum! My mom as well does 😍 Though I’m having a hard time with the container since it sometimes spills when I use it. Though all in all, this serum calms my flare ups!!

Thank you so much for your review! :)

miracle product for irritated skin

This serum has become my favorite product in a long time! My skin is extremely sensitive and prone to breakouts which means Im always looking for products that will reduce redness and inflammation. Well this serum is incredible for just that! I will be ordering the largest size asap.

One of our favorite products to recommend for our sensitive skin customers!

Highly recommend!

Very soothing and great for my sensitive, and at times dehydrated, rosacea skin. I use it everyday mixed with Ramosu snail filtrate (after cleanser and P50W). Mix them in my palm and apply to face/neck/chest then spray with a hydrosol and let absorb for 5 minutes. Have fallen asleep a few times at this point in my skincare routine - and not applied serums and moisturizer like usual - and have been surprised at how well my skin was in the morning. My only complaints are the price and the container. It is very expensive and I count the drops carefully to make sure i don't use more than I need . The container is prone to leaking (which makes it more expensive if you lose product) and you have to concentrate when pressure is needed to release drops, because just a tad too much results in a stream.

We appreciate this review :)
Also wanted to mention we do have our own snail filtrate product (Es-Care-Go Serum if you haven't tried, its worth a sample!

Lastly wanted to say if you find yourself using larger amounts of this we do offer discounts on bigger sizes :) Just email us!

Thank you for taking the time to review :)

Soothing Serum

This stuff has made a huge difference in the redness and irritation on my face. I did have a small adjustment period with this but I believe that may be because I started it at the same time as other products while I was trying to move away from soap based cleansers. Once my face adjusted to everything, I realized how much this serum was helping my face. I had to stop everything temporarily while dealing with an unrelated eye issue and man did I miss it. My face feels so good after using this and it really does reduce redness due to sensitive skin from health issues. I usually apply this after spraying with the Calm and Hydrate mist.

So glad you are loving this! One of our favorites to recommend for sensitive skin.