Dehydrated and Dry Skincare Profile Kit (6 piece)



Dehydrated and Dry Skin can occur due to external factors like excessive sun exposure, harsh weather, air conditioning, hot showers, or using powerful skincare products. It can also be influenced by internal factors such as poor diet, medication, or certain health conditions. Dehydrated skin may feel tight, appear dull, and show signs of increased sensitivity. Replenishing moisture through hydrating skincare products, drinking plenty of water, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Someone can have both dry and dehydrated skin simultaneously. In such cases, addressing the skin's lack of oil and water is crucial through appropriate skincare products, including gentle cleansers, hydrating serums, moisturizers, and lifestyle adjustments to support skin health. Garden of Wisdom has your back!

Products Included in the Kit

A brochure will be included with your kit discussing the application method for all the products listed below.

1.  Soothing Cleansing Gel
     100% Soap Free 
     CL-311  (1 ounce)
2.  Calm and Hydrate Mist  
     HM-39  (1 ounce)
3.  Oat Enriched FacialSerum
     HS-11  (.25 ounce)
4.  Ceramide HydratingComplex Serum  
     HAS-32  (.25 ounce)
5.  Wickedly Rich McDreamy Cream 
     BC-39  (.65 ounce)

Dehydrated and Dry Skincare Profile Kit (6 piece)