Correct and ReNew Kit (6-piece)


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Garden of Wisdom has designed this kit specifically for sensitive and blemish-prone skin to address breakouts effectively and gently. Follow the recommended routine for best results. Keep in mind that skincare takes time and patience for improvements. Stick to your routine for the best results.
^Even though this kit is designed for sensitive skin that is also blemish prone, it can be used by ANY type, including dry, dehydrated, and oily Skin Profiles

Your kit will come with a complete set of instructions and the products below :)

1. Soothing Gel Cleanser (does not remove makeup)
    CL-311 (1 ounce)
2. Sensitive Cleansing Oil (for removing makeup)
    CL-121 (1 ounce)
3. Calm and Hydrate Mist
    HM-39 (1 ounce)
4. Banana Healing Serum HS-1  (.25 ounce)
    or Cherry Healing Serum HS-23 (.25 ounce)
    or Repair and Recovery Serum
    HS-16 (.25 ounce)
5. Blemish Prone Treatment Serum
    BP-26  (.25 ounce)
6. Prickly Pear Oil CO-410s  (4 grams)

Correct and ReNew Kit (6-piece)