Calm and Restore Kit (6-piece)


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Garden of Wisdom designed this skincare kit to soothe and repair the skin, particularly when it's experiencing irritation, sensitivity, or inflammation. The primary goal of calming and restorative skincare is to restore the skin's natural balance and strengthen its protective barrier. This is achieved through the use of gentle, non-irritating ingredients with anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. Such ingredients can help to calm the skin, reduce irritation, and prevent further damage caused by external factors like pollution, sun exposure, or harsh skincare products.

As with any skincare routine, it's essential to patch-test new products.

Your kit will come with a complete set of instructions
and the products below :)

1. Soothing Gel Cleanser (does not remove makeup)
    CL-311 (1 ounce)
2. Sensitive Cleansing Oil (for removing makeup)
    CL-121 (1 ounce)  OR  (dropdown menu)  
    CL-325 Micellar Cleansing Dew (Sensitive Skin)
3. Calm and Hydrate Mist  HM-39 (1 ounce)
4. Oat Enriched Serum  HS-10  (.25 oz)
5. Banana Healing Serum HS-1  (.25 ounce)
    or Cherry Healing Serum HS-23 (.25 ounce)
    or Repair and Recovery Serum  HS-16 (.25 ounce)
 6. Passion Fruit Seed Oil  CO-335  (.25 ounce)
      or  Prickly Pear Oil  CO-410s

Calm and Restore Kit (6-piece)

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Amazing products

When I say RUN... I mean RUN and purchase this! Wow. This kit gave me such positive results within the first 2 days of using it.
Months ago, I started developing redness and bumps all over my already extremely sensitive skin on my face. I was unsure as to why(possibly messed up my moisture barrier) and it caused me so much stress and anxiety. No matter what products i used, it was not getting better. After speaking with Jen(who is an angel!), she recommended this kit. The washes, toner, and serum are amazing. Calming and moisturizing and got my skin very much on its way back to normal. I can not wait to try more products.
THANK YOU X10000000

You are so sweet! Thank you for this review! :D
We're glad to help!